Over 30 Years of Lingerie Sales.....
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About Us

Over 30 Years of Lingerie Sales!

Midnight Classics Lingerie began in 1984 as a Home Party business.  Shortly thereafter the owner opened a small storefront and began the retail store sales operation. Over the years as the store grew in popularity, it moved and grew to different buildings and shops. When it was around 8 years old, it grew to two retail locations. Eventually, the second location was sold, and Midnight Classics was once again a single retail store location. The current owners purchased the store in 1994 and renovated various storefronts throughout it's successful years as a classy "Boutique" visited by many shoppers.  In 1996 Midnight Classics became one of the first eCommerce websites in the Northern Indiana town in which it began. This website has been online since that time, and the retail storefront location was closed in 2004.